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Unique Yoga & Wellbeing Programs for Students.

YOGAZEIT offers a variety of fun, engaging and mindful Wellbeing Programs for your students. All our School Programs are based on the Yoga Ed. curriculum, offering evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness activities for children and adolescents.

In the past two years, more than 350 new studies have been published exploring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for youth – a clear sign that interest in this subject is growing rapidly. At YOGAZEIT we’re confident that the evidence of yoga in schools will continue to expand, and that it will help students cultivate social, emotional, and physical health, academic success; and a positive school climate. 

We offer a variety of programs for students. Co-Curricular Yoga Programs, In-School Yoga and Whole School Programs.


  • Nearly 47% of Australian students feel very tense when they study, compared to the international average of 37 per cent.
  • Based on the OECD average, 67% of Australian students report feeling very anxious even if well prepared for a test, compared to the international average of 56%.
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Term 2: Kids Yoga (8-12yo) Thursdays

Single class tickets available. 

9 May - 27 June 2019
Thursdays 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Term 2: Kids Yoga (8 - 12yo) Saturdays

Single class tickets available. 

11 May - 29 June 2019
Saturdays 10:50am - 11:50am

YOGA Ed. Teacher Training and Professional Development


Throughout the year 

Term 2: Kids Yoga (4-9yo) Thursdays

Sorry, this class is fully booked. 

9 May - 27 June 2019
Thursdays 3.30pm - 4.15pm

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