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Yoga for Happiness

Both scientists and philosophers agree the key to happiness is not acquiring material goods or achieving specific goals, but rather it’s the extent to which we are aware and can appreciate what we have. Here are some mindfulness and yoga tips, guided meditations and a happy playlist to get you going (for the young and young at heart!)

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Yoga after stroke

Yoga after StrokeDid you or someone you know experience a stroke? Assumptions are that only 'old' people experience stroke, but this is not the case. My mother had a stroke and a heart attack when she was 49. While our stroke risk increases with age,...

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Calm breathing

Especially at the beginning of a new school year little bodies and minds can feel overwhelmed and anxious. In YOGA we learn that we use our breath to calm our minds. Here are a couple of breath, that support calmness, helping to combat anxiety and...

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The urge for classroom Yoga

Ways to engage kids in exercise are changing! Whether you were an athlete, or dreaded the thought of Phys. Ed. with a passion. Yoga can unlock your students wellbeing potential. For me personally and probably many of others, the thought of exercise at school brings...

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Kids and Teens Yoga

Looking for Yoga for the Kids and Teens in your life? Our certified Yoga Ed. trainers (who have been trained by me right here in Australia!) are now running their own Holiday and After School programs across Perth. I'm very excited (and proud!) to be sharing their...

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A Merry Mindful Christmas

Only a few days to go ... Have you got your Christmas presents sorted yet? With practicing gratitude, mindfulness and minimalism we told the kids that this year there will be only (?!) one gift per person under the tree. So the girls wrote a letter to Santa wishing...

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